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What kind of dolls are they?

Granny Marsha’s dolls are Waldorf-styled dolls. They’re larger than usual, very cuddly and made to receive and inspire love. Waldorf dolls are also known as Steiner dolls, from Rudolph Steiner, who made a life’s work of children’s healthy development based on the ethos to “imbue the child with a sense that the world is good.” While Granny Marsha is no expert in the life and works of Rudolph Steiner, she is an expert in seeing what a child needs and loves, and watching them grow up happy, and a cuddly, huggable Waldorf-styled doll provides part of the warmth and imagination that a child needs to thrive

What are they made of?

Oh my goodness… Loads of things! They vary depending on the doll, but by and large, each doll is made of:

  • Hair – alpaca wool / boucle wool / mohair wool (may contain very small amount of acrylic depending on the texture)
  • Skin – Jersey cotton stockinette
  • Facial features – cotton embroidery thread
  • Stuffing – Responsibly sourced 100% carded wool (source)
  • Stitching – extra strong thread! (just in case)
  • Clothing – Generally cotton or polycotton, excluding underwear (Jersey cotton) and cardies and jumpers (wool, bamboo yarn or cotton yarn)

If you have questions about materials for your doll or want to be doubly sure that the components that create it are to your specific needs, please do Contact Us and we’ll reply as soon as possible with the best information we have

Why are they so expensive?

Because they are handmade, and it takes time to make them as good as they need to be. They are made to last, and they’re quite large too. Each doll from Granny Marsha will take on average 12-14 hours from start to finish, plus the clothes, hair, face, pants, bellybutton and bum. These are not ‘cheap’ dolls – they are built to last a lifetime, maybe more. They are made with the best materials Granny Marsha can find, and that takes time to source and make, and also adds to the expense. We do everything we can to keep the dolls affordable, but a high quality doll needs high quality materials and a significant investment in time and love to make them perfect

Are they Sturdy?

Yes they are! They will live through a lifetime of cuddles, but please – treat them with love! All materials and stitching are selected for your doll to be super sturdy and bear life’s knocks, but in the off chance that your doll has seen a little too much love, please do Contact Us – we can arrange repairs should the worst happen

Are they wearing little pants?

Yes they are (cheeky)! They also have little bellybuttons and bums. Have a wee check and see for yourself

Do they have other clothes?

Granny Marsha’s dolls are shipped with one full outfit each to keep them warm, but they can certainly be dressed in other clothes however you like. There are additional clothing items available here, and all the buttons are snap fasteners, so they’re easy to do for little hands

I have a question you haven’t answered

I’m so sorry about that – if you have any other questions that aren’t answered here, please do Contact Us and we’ll reply as soon as possible with the best information we have

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