About Granny Marsha…

“I just wanted to give them (the dolls) to my grandchildren so they could keep them forever and love them. Amelia* has one of the first ones and she still has it, Lily, with the yellow hair the same as hers. I’ve made them for Noah and Hannah and Aimee and Miriam and they love them, they’re just something really nice to create memories with”

“Because they’re so well made they can be passed on to their children so the next generation can love them and they’ll have all that history with them. It’s like making little companions for children and the waldorf dolls you (Granny Marsha) make, when you know it’s going to a loving home specifically to bring happiness to a child or someone, it brings me so much joy, especially when you make a wee doll that’s like the child it’s going to, they have the same personalities.”



“I made that first doll years ago, 2012, for Noah. It was the one with the stripey dungarees, he still has his. They’re more cuddly than normal dolls and the kids just want to cuddle them and hug them because they’re soft, and they talk to the dolls like it’s a wee person. Amelia takes hers to bed, doesn’t she..? (I nod to agree) Uh-huh,.. yeah. I know, they just really love them”


Granny Marsha used to give her dolls away as gifts to friends and family (all the names above are family) as lovely warm, heartfelt presents for people to cherish, but after hearing “You should do this for a living” for the umpteenth time, well, she thought she just might, and here we are! They are Waldorf-inspired dolls (more detail about that here), and she hopes you love your new doll as much as she loves making them, and have a lifetime of happy memories while your new doll becomes your old favourite.


x x x x

*Amelia is my daughter. I am Granny Marsha’s son. I’m writing this on her behalf because I can do web stuff, but I can’t sew, so we’re splitting the load. Anything in quotes is stuff she said to me when I asked her “Why would people want one of your dolls?”

And no, she never made me a doll. But she made Amelia one, and she takes it to bed with her most nights


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